Canterbury, England.

Canterbury is a  located an hours train journey from central London. I have lived here for just under a year and a half now.

Canterbury is a tourist hot-spot, especially in the summer. The whole city is crammed full of school visits from other countries. It is also a university town, with 2 local universities.

It has it’s own theater, The Marlow, and an independent cinema The Curzon. There are 2 main streets running down the center of town, one of which is the high street. The are 2 main parks in the city. One near Canterbury East train station, and on the other side of the center. My favorite is Westgate Gardens, it’s beautiful in the summer.

Food culture is fairly good here and you can find some really good stuff if you know where to look. My personal fave by far is The Goods Shed. It’s an indoor market located next to Canterbury West train station and it is home to a handful of local businesses, including: A butcher, a fishmonger, a cheese monger, a tapas bar, a craft ale shop/bar, a artisan sandwich maker, a baker, a veg stall a wine merchant a delicatessen and a restaurant. The food and produce sold there is seriously good.

There are some really good pubs kicking about in the city, best of all is The Dolphin which has a lovely suntrap garden that you can sit in all day. They even sell street food in the back. Well worth a visit when the sun is shining.

If you’re into cocktails there definitely check out Bramleys, a hidden cocktail bar that has a very speakeasy feel to it. The decor is fantastic with old typewriters and a parachute hanging from the ceiling. If you’ve got the dough, the cocktails are great too. They even have live music.

Beyond this you wont find much more in Canterbury, small city vibes. A fun place to spend a week, summer, or couple of years. A nice place to lay down roots if that’s your plan, and a good place to settle down.



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